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New Hero
Innate Ability
Fill instinct bar to use Awaken ability
Awaken enables faster, more powerful attacks. Lasts for a short time.
Ability Type
Rogue blade dancer with swift attacks and back alley stabs.

And for all that has happened, and for all that is yet to come… we are blessed to have your strength.
I believe our land has never known a spirit such as yours from beyond its walls.

~ Queen Ozma

Ophelia Shen always lived with the darkness haunting her. When her father died in the war, she swore that in the next world she’d face this evil and stand with courage. Waking up in the mysterious land of Oz with her cat (that can somehow talk and has turned to crystal), the heroine Ophelia begins a new adventure. Equipped with razor sharp blades and an attitude to match, Oz awaits with strange lands and monsters around every corner.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

Ophelia evolution.png

Ability cards[edit | edit source]

Name Class Card type Cost Target type Description Element
Back-Alley Blades Agility Common 0 Melee Single Stab 1 target.
Cornered Cat Evade Common 3
Dirty Magic Magic Common 1 Ranged Single Fire magic dust into the face of one enemy, dealing ranged damage.Special: Target is BLINEDED (25% miss chance) for 3 turns.
Dagger Toss Agility Common 1 Single Throw a dagger at 1 target for ranged damage.
Feint Agility Common 2 Melee Single Strike 1 target.Special: Buff CRIT RATE by 50% for 2 turns.
Shadowstep Tincture Heal Common 0
Survival Instinct Health Common 3 Ranged Single Ophelia's survival instinct goes into overdrive, buffing her EVASION by 50% for 3 turns.Special: Heal a small amount of health.
Hamstring Agility Common 3 Melee Single Slow your enemy with a targeted strike.Special: Debuff SPEED by 35% for 3 turns.
Sneak Attack Agility Common 5 Melee Single Strike when they least expect it.Special: This Ability's CRIT RATE is buffed by 50%Special: This Ability's CRIT DAMAGE is buffed by 30%
Opportunist Evade Uncommon 2
Emerald Dust Agility Uncommon 2 Ranged Single Heal a medium amount of Health and gain a shield that lasts for 3 turns or until depleted.
Enchanted Throw Magic Uncommon 2 Ranged Single Throw a magical dagger at 1 target for ranged damage.
Back-Alley Instincts Sheild Uncommon 3 Melee Single Ophelia's honed instincts boost CRIT RATE by 100% for 3 turns.Specil: Gain a light sheild.
Twist the Blade Agility Uncommon 3 Ranged Single Sneakily deal damage where it hurts.Special: This ability has a 50% CRIT RATE and deals 100% more CRIT DAMAGE
Purging Light Magic Uncommon 4 Ranged Triple Your blades flash with blinding light, dealing light damage to all enemies.Special: PURGE your targets of all beneficial statuses.
Spark Blades Magic Uncommon 4 Melee Single Your daggers spark with electrical energy! Deal damage to your primary target and secondary damage to adjacent targets.Chance (50%): STUN 1Stunned targets lose the listed number of turns
Overwhelming Shout Magic Uncommon 4 Ranged Triple Unleash a primal cry dealing ranged damage to all targets.Chance (50%): KNOCKBACK 1Knocked back targets have their turn delayed by the listed number of turns
Inborn Constitution Health Rare 2 Ranged Single Remove all debuffs or negative status effects.Special: Heal some Health.
Spinkick Agility Rare 3 Melee Single Strike 1 enemy with a spinning back-kick.Special: KNOCKBACK 1Knocked back targets have their turn delayed by the listed number of turns
Blur Agility Rare 3 Melee Single Sprint at supernatural speed, dealing damage to 1 target.Special: Buff EVASION by 30% for 3 turns.
Blade Blitz Agility Rare 4 Melee Random Move at supernatural speed and deal damage to 3 random targets!
Force Shout Agility Rare 4 Ranged Triple Deal ranged damage to all enemies.Special: Debuff SPEED of all targets by 50% for 3 turns
Oz Torchbugs Magic Rare 5 Ranged Random Summon 5 burning torchbugs that deal ranged damage to 5 random targets.Chance (50%): BURN for 3 TurnsElement: Fire Fire
Rain of Blades Agility Rare 7 Ranged Random Unleash a flurry of thrown daggers for ranged damage on 8 random targets.
Blade Dance Agility Epic 6 Single Move at supernatural speed and deal damage to 5 random targets!
Liquid of Petrification Magic Epic 7
Vital Strike Agility Epic 3 Melee Single Deal heavy damage to 1 target.Special: STUN 1Stunned targets do not act for the listed number of turns.
Coup de Grace Agility Epic 6 Melee Single Stike 1 enemy with a finishing blow.Special: If the target is STUNNED or SLOWED this attack deals heavy bonus damage.
Back-Alley Blades card.png
Cornered Cat card.png
Dirty Magic card.png
Dagger Toss card.png
Feint card.png
Shadowstep Tincture card.png
Survival Instinct card.png
Hamstring card.png
Sneak Attack card.png
Opportunist card.png
Emerald Dust card.png
Enchanted Throw card.png
Back-Alley Instincts card.png
Twist the Blade card.png
Purging Light card.png
Spark Blades card.png
Overwhelming Shout card.png
Inborn Constitution card.png
Spinkick card.png
Blur card.png
Blade Blitz card.png
Force Shout card.png
Oz Torchbugs card.png
Rain of Blades card.png
Blade Dance card.png
Liquid of Petrification card.png
Vital Strike card.png
Coup de Grace card.png