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Legendary Hero
Innate Ability
Attacking enemies provides courage.
Lose courage when damaged.
Fill up courage meter for more powerful attacks.
Ability Type
Courageous claws that dig deep into the enemy from the force of a true King.

It seems like a lifetime ago that I was a coward -- my sagging mane trembling at the slightest sign of trouble.

~ Lion

With a roar that can be heard in even the farthest reaches of Oz, the Lion welcomes battle with a fierce growl and powerful claws. With every strike at his foes, the Lion’s power grows until he becomes an unstoppable force of nature! Concerned over the darkness, the Lion sets out with his Legendary Hero companions and hunts the Wicked Witch of the East.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

Lion evolution.png

Ability cards[edit | edit source]

Name Class Card type Cost Target type Description Element
Courageous Claw Strength Common 0 Melee Double A basic slash across two adjacent foes.Special: Generate 2 Courage.
Bat Strength Common 1 Melee Single Smash 1 enemy with your mighty paw.
Purr Heal Common 0
Wound Strength Common 2 Melee Single Bite 1 enemy.Special: Debuff SPEED by 60% for 3 turns.
Force Lance Magic Common 2 Ranged Single Fire a bolt of arcane power at 1 target for ranged damage.
Draining Claw Magic Common 2 Melee Single Enchant your claws and slash 1 enemy.Special: Heal a portion of the damage you deal in Health.
Rip Strength Common 3 Melee Single Tear the flesh of one enemy.Special: BLEED for 3 Turns
Lion's Roar Strength Common 4 Ranged Triple Roar your dominance, dealing light ranged damage to all targets.Chance: Debuff target's POWER by 10% for 3 turns.GENERATE: 1 Courage this turn and for 4 turns afterwards.
Tearing Strike Strength Common 5 Melee Triple Tear the flesh of one enemy.Special: BLEED for 3 Turns
Cull Strength Uncommon 4 Single Attack your weakened prey.Special: If the target is BLEEDING, STUNNED, or SLOWED, deal heavy bonus damage.
Arcane Slash Magic Uncommon 2 Melee Double Deal damage to two adjacent enemies.
Riptide Magic Uncommon 3 Ranged Double Smash two adjacent targets with a wave of magical force dealing a small amount of ranged damage.Special: KNOCKBACK 1Knocked back targets have their turn delayed by the listed number of turns
Backhand Swipe Strength Uncommon 4 Melee Double Level two enemies with a heavy backhand swipe.Chance (100%): KNOCKBACK 1Knocked back targets have their turns delayed by the listed number of turns
Enchanted Claws Magic Uncommon 5 Melee Single Enchant your claws and slash 1 target twice.
Lurk Heal Uncommon 3
Pounce Strength Uncommon 6 Melee Single Leap upon 1 enemy and deal damage.Special: If the target is BLEEDING, SLOWED, or STUNNED, deal heavy bonus damage.
King of the Beasts Sheild Rare 3 Ranged Single Generate max Courage and gain a light shield.
Go For The Throat Strength Rare 4 Melee Single Tear into 1 target 3 times.Special: If the target is BLEEDING, this ability deals bonus damage per hit.
Balance of Nature Magic Rare 4 Melee Single Deal damage to a single target and heal a small amount of health.Special: For two additional turns, heal a small amount of health per attack.
Ferocious Slash Strength Rare 5 Melee Double Savagely slash two adjacent enemies.Special: BLEED for 3 Turns
Savage Noble Sheild Rare 5 Ranged Single Buff your POWER by 40% for 4 turns.Special: Gain a shield
Stunning Roar Rare 6
Rend Strength Rare 5 Melee Single Claw the enemy 3 times.Special: BLEED for 3 Turns
Force Bolts Magic Rare 6 Ranged Triple Fire bolts of magical energy at all enemies.
Savage Rakes Strength Epic 4 Melee Double Perform 3 mighty slashes. Each slash hits 2 adjacent enemies.
Stalk Epic 7
Bestial Fury Strength Epic 4 Ranged Single Enter a berserk state that lasts for 3 turns. Each turn, attack 1 target for heavy damage.Special: Buff POW by 50% for the duration.Special: Debuff DEFENSE by 50% for the duration.
Maim Strength Epic 5 Melee Single Deal terrible wounds to one target.Special: SLOW, BLEEDSpecial: SLOW and BLEED effects from this ability are PERMANENT unless CLEANSED.
Courageous Claw card.png
Bat card.png
Purr card.png
Wound card.png
Force Lance card.png
Draining Claw card.png
Rip card.png
Lion's Roar card.png
Tearing Strike card.png
Cull card.png
Arcane Slash card.png
Riptide card.png
Backhand Swipe card.png
Enchanted Claws card.png
Lurk card.png
Pounce card.png
King of the Beasts card.png
Go For The Throat card.png
Balance of Nature card.png
Ferocious Slash card.png
Savage Noble card.png
Stunning Roar card.png
Rend card.png
Force Bolts card.png
Savage Rakes card.png
Stalk card.png
Bestial Fury card.png
Maim card.png