Jack Pumpkinhead

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"Jack Pumpkinhead"
Gillikin Country

Tears and thorns become your crowns...fear and fire shall be your mates...my power rises from the ground...JACK PUMPKINHEAD WILL SEAL YOUR FATES!

~ Jack Pumpkinhead

Once a child's toy, Jack was animated through the magic of the legendary Powder of Life. On that day Oz gained a stalwart, if simple-minded, ally. But over the years Jack has grown clever, and his deep connection to the magical nature of Oz instilled within his powers over plant life and the ability to commune with dark spirits.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

Jack Pumpkinhead evolution.png

Ability cards[edit | edit source]

Name Class Card type Cost Target type Description Element
Just A Taste Common 2
Vine Lash Common 1
Vine Whip Common 0
Voodoo Skewer Common 3
Voodoo Venom Common 2
Bramble Burst Uncommon 3
Cannibalize Uncommon 2
Herbalist's Fire Uncommon 2
Spirit Purge Uncommon 3
Venom Gourd Uncommon 4
Wild Growth Uncommon 3
Bramble Quake Rare 4
Revivify Rare 5
Spirit Thief Rare 3
Voodoo Pin Rare 3
Voodoo Roast Rare 5
Gourd Grenade Epic 4
Thorn Prison Epic 5
Venom Spores Epic 6
Parasitic Spores Legendary 4
Just A Taste card.png
Vine Lash card.png
Vine Whip card.png
Voodoo Skewer card.png
Voodoo Venom card.png
Bramble Burst card.png
Cannibalize card.png
Herbalist's Fire card.png
Spirit Purge card.png
Venom Gourd card.png
Wild Growth card.png
Bramble Quake card.png
Revivify card.png
Spirit Thief card.png
Voodoo Pin card.png
Voodoo Roast card.png
Gourd Grenade card.png
Thorn Prison card.png
Venom Spores card.png
Parasitic Spores card.png