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Name Type Description
Spider Toxic Normal A variety of monstrous spiders known for its powerful venonmous bite and immunity to poisons.
Spider Minion Normal A poisonous hunting spider grown to monstrous size.
Spider Armored Normal Covered in heavy chitinous plating, the armored spider is immune to critical hits, impossible to knockback, and has a deadly poisonous bite.
Rat Normal Speedy and resilient, monstrous rats will heal to full health if left to their own devices.
Rat King Normal Some rats grow larger and smarter than their filthy peers, combining brute force with speed and resilience.
Chiss Minion Normal Once a rarity in Oz, varieties of these poisonous and quill-covered creatures are now unfortunately widespread.
Chiss Armored Normal The armored chiss employs a potent combination of armored plating and poison to outlast less hardy foes.
Chiss Toxic Normal The poison quills of the Toxic chiss are the stuff of bedtime stories for young quadlings. In this case, the legends are true.
Monkey Assassin Normal These fast-flying winged monkeys delight in striking from the shadows, resorting to dirty tactics in a straight fight.
Monkey Hunter Normal The great bows of the winged monkeys were once admired for the quality of their craft. Now, they are feared for their cruelty.
Monkey Cleric Normal These spellcasters are capable of potent healing and destruction magic.
Moneky Leader Normal These large flying monkeys carry heavy blades into battle. They are capable of stunning their foes and empowering their allies.
Elf Swordsman Normal Comfortable in the shadows, dark elf swordsmen can drain life force from their foes through their blades.
Elf Magician Normal These potent spellcasters are masters of several elemental spells.
Elf Shadesinger Normal The support spellcasters of the dark elves, Shadesingers can magically heal and harm with equal measure.
Elf Huntress Normal Dark Elf Huntresses train from a young age to take down prey with salvos of bloodletting and debilitating arrows.
Elf Night Axe Normal Night Axes abandon their racial subtlety, preferring to crush magical shields and execute foes with their axes.
Imperial Guard Normal Heavily armed and armored, imperial guards are capable of dealing significant damage with their polearms.
Imperial Ranger Normal These royal hunters have turned their armor-piercing bows on new targets -- the innocents of Oz!
Imperial Knight Normal Well-trained and staunch, imperial knights were once the backbone of Oz's defence forces. Now, they fight for a different power.
Imperial Commander Normal The field commanders of the royal army, these soldiers bolster their allies and demoralize foes with strategic strikes.
Kalidah Brute Normal The embodiment of kalidah brutality, brutes enrage when wounded in battle, becoming little more than reckless, wild animals!
Kalidah Hunter Normal Though their methods are primitive, kalidah hunters nevertheless specialize in slowing, capturing, and crushing prey.
Kalidah Beastguard Normal Brutes who prove themselves to their tribe become beastguards, aggressive warriors who attack wildly.
Kalidah Sorcerer Normal Kalidah Sorcerers master magic as savage as their nature, preferring spells that burn, crush, or steal life from their prey.
Kalidah Spiritcaller Normal Kalidah Spiritcallers woulnd and demoralize foes with their blood-curdling roars, and can even call allies back to life!
Coven Disciple Normal Coven Disciples are masters of ice magic, and they carry supernaturally chilled daggers for up-close work.
Coven Witch Normal Coven Witches use curses to weaken their foes before finishing them off with potent shadow spells.
Coven Temptress Normal Hot-blooded Coven Temptresses delight in affecting the minds of their victims, clouding vision and lulling enemies to sleep.
Gargoyle Ripper Normal Always the first to act in battle, Gargoyle Rippers exult in causing bleeding wounds with their wooden claws.
Gargoyle Axethrower Normal Gargoyle Axethrowers are able to strike up close or at range, and they have a knack for scoring critical hits.
Gargoyle Skyblade Normal Each melee strike against a Gargoyle Skyblade risks a counter-attack from its deadly khopesh.
Gargoyle Stormlord Normal Stormlords command the elements as naturally as they fly, literally bending wind, hail, and lightning to the task of defeating their foes.
Wyrmling Fen Normal These young dragons absorb earth damage and breathe caustic acid. When cornered, they enrage.
Wyrmling Clifftop Normal Clifftop Wyrmlings can call localized storms down upon the battlefield. They absorb lightning and ignore its stunning effects.
Wyrmling Iron Normal Wonders of clockwork, iron, and gilt, Iron Wyrmlings have powerful jaws, and they spew blinding or burning oil at their foes.
Phanfasm Earthcracker Normal Phanfasm earthcrackers wield heavy poleaxes and can cause the earth to heave under the feet of their ground-based opponents.
Phanfasm Bladewing Normal Phanfasm bladewings are all about striking often and with great speed, hacking foes apart with their scimitars.
Phanfasm Bloodfeather Normal The feared bloodfeather magus wields some of the most destructive shadow magic in Oz.
Golem Bruiser Normal Massive creatures of animated stone, golem bruisers draw attacks and swing their crushing fists with total abandon.
Golem Magma Normal Dangerous at range and in melee, magma golems lob lava balls and ignite the air around them to empower fire-based abilities.
Golem Ice Normal Ice golems command a variety of powerful ice-based attacks, chilling, freezing, and crushing their foes.
Golem Light Normal The light golems confound foes and sets them up for a traditional end to a golem battle-being crushed by a stone fist.
Golem Seer Normal The various magical gems making up the golem seer's body can grant them a flash of insight into the near-future.
Ogre Treehewer Normal The massive axes of the ogres of Oz are said to be able to split any target, be it a great tree, a dragon, or an adventurer.
Ogre Shaman Normal Ogre shaman wield nothing but the most powerful and complex healing and destruction spells. Impact over quantity.
Ogre Champion Normal Ogre champions embolden their allies and wield their deadly broadspears with terrifying precision.
Porcelain Magician Normal These finely crafted spellcasters blanket the battlefield with flame to activate the unique defensive capabilities of all porcelain folk.
Porcelain Soldier Normal Skilled wielders of blade and steam, porcelain soldiers become true terrors when paired with porcelain magicians.
Nome Arbalist Normal Nome Arbalists are famous for the accuracy of their bolts. Their Deadeye ability guarantees critical hits.
Nome Miner Normal The heavy picks of Nome Miners are equally able to destroy physical armor and magical shields with ease.
Nome Quarrymaster Normal These nomish leaders cause bleeding wounds with their drill-staves, but their ability to cleanse statuses make them extra dangerous.
Audah Boss A master of fire magic and a dangerous seductress, Audah is the most fiery-tempered of Glinda's ex-pupils.
Aurah Boss "Impassive" barely begins to describe Aurah, who is said to be able to freeze a bird mid-flight with a glance.
Aujah Boss Once a prodigy shadow mage training under Glinda the Good, Aujah specializes in draining her foes of life.
Coven Boss A trio of Glinda's former pupils, Audah, Aurah, and Aujah are some of Oz's most dangerous spellcasters.
Ladyann Boss Power-hungry, clever, magic-resistant, and immovably stubborn, Lady Ann will stop at nothing to gather more gems.
Spider Boss The venom from this ancient arachnid can slow his foes, and his web can hold prey fast while he does his grisly work.
TikTok Boss Once an ally to all good Ozites, Tik-Tok the Clockwork Warrior has been corrupted to see all living creatures as his enemies.
Jack Boss Once a fast friend to all Ozites, Jack now harnesses the powers of nature and magic to deal death by a thousand thorny cuts!
Wicked Witch Boss The Wicked Witch of the East once again turns her varied destructive spells against all Ozites!
Dragon Boss Ravenous dragons can reach sizes matched only by their tremendous appetites. They inhale before unleashing their legendary firebreath.
FAF Boss The Lord of all phanfasms is an otherwordly master of shadow magic who plants seeds of horror and then violently reaps his harvest.
Ruggedo Boss Prone to violent tantrums, Ruggedo has nevertheless long-ruled his people on the strength of his Magic Belt and force of will.
Spider Queen Boss An armored spider grown massive over countless years, the Brood Queen employs potent poison, webbing, and acid in combat.
Queen Valerius Boss Valerius' fiery powers are as legendary as her temper -- simply approaching her is dangerous. Further, it is rumored that she cannot die.
Tiamat Boss The embodiment of chaos and gem-fuelled hubris, Tiamat combines overwhelming magic with a dragon's natural gifts for destruction.